Pneumatic Actuators

New England Controls, Inc. features the finest selection of pneumatic actuators available. All of our actuators are designed to be outfitted with limit switches, positioners, directional control valves and other automation accessories.

New England Controls features products from Emerson and other well-known manufacturers:

Field Q / Emerson

A complete line of spring return and double acting operators featuring Integral position sensors, high flow solenoid valves and field based intelligence for all of your conventional analog or digital communication applications. This actuator covers a wide range of torque requirements, and provides “plug and play” control modules that fully integrate control accessories into the actuator package. A variety of “bus” protocol modules are available with this unit.

Hytork / Emerson

A premium rack and pinion actuator featuring a rugged cast aluminum body with Ceramgard corrosion protection as standard. Hytork actuators provide unbreakable springs, patented SAFEKEY, safety retractor bolt system for safe spring removal, heavy duty steel pinion, wide array of torque output, and optional declutchable manual gear override

Bettis / Emerson

A world leader in pneumatic and hydraulic quarter-turn and linear valve actuators. Bettis features, rack and pinion, scotch-yoke, and linear actuators with torques up to 6,000,000 in. lbs in double acting and 3,000,000 in lbs in spring return models. This actuator has been the workhorse of the industry for over 50 years. Bettis operators are applied to the widest range of Industrial applications.


*New England Controls is the official representative for Bettis products. Contact your account manager today for more information**

KF Contromatics

PA/PAS M5 pneumatic actuators offer an economical and reliable solution to most process valve applications. This rack and pinion operator is rated for up to 150 psig inlet pressure and features dual limit stops, fully encapsulated spring design for safety, and torques up to 37,200 in lbs for double acting and 20,748 in. lbs. for spring return units. A solid solution for your ball and butterfly valve applications.


Stainless steel rack and gear actuators for compact size and corrosion resistance.